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Wild boy or girl of Silicon Valley: The rise and fall of John McAfee, Technology Information

An abusive childhood, father’s suicide, dependancy to liquor and medicine, allegations of associations with underage women, a multibillion-dollar anti-virus program, a runaway from justice, a twisted tech-hero who finished up useless in a jail — John McAfee’s lifetime is the story of a mighty fall rivalling Hollywood movies.

Creator of the famed McAfee antivirus program, 75-12 months-old McAfee allegedly killed himself in his Spanish jail mobile on June 23.

Here is a appear at his dramatic lifetime.

Born in Cinderford, British isles, John was a British-American personal computer programmer, a businessman and a two-time presidential applicant in the US. When men and women ended up trying to shield them selves from the ‘evils of the world’, McAfee came up with a excellent strategy of producing an anti-virus computer software.

Just after functioning for some significant organizations these as NASA, Standard Electric, Siemens, Univac and Xerox, McAfee landed a task with just one of the major US defence contractors, Lockheed Martin.

There, while doing work on a labeled voice-recognition programme, he arrived across the strategy of a virus and was surprised and fascinated by this new issue. McAfee developed a program to disinfect computers and designed an empire all around the thought which gave him wealth and steadiness. The tech legend, nevertheless, wanted additional.

A man regarded for his impulsive character, McAfee quit the corporation in 1994, a very little soon after using it community, and made the decision to follow his other passions, which led him to a street crammed with controversies.

Reportedly, McAfee suffered a substantial reduction of prosperity in 2007 and that led to him dabbling in various other areas this sort of as natural antibiotics, prompt messaging platforms, safe network equipment, politics and bitcoin.

On the other hand, the tech huge who is lauded as a ‘guru’ in the business shortly grew to become a runaway.

In 2008, McAfee still left his billionaire daily life and moved to Belize in Central The united states, exactly where he resolved to heal some other an infection.

“I came throughout a idea termed quorum sensing, which is the method that microorganisms use to talk with each other,” he when claimed. “Up until about 10 yrs back, we didn’t even know that microbes did communicate, but we locate out they have a extremely advanced communication technique. I wanted to take a look at and look into that to see if we could appear up with new antibiotics.”

Even so, his venture did not work properly as he had normal troubles with his lead microbiologist and the regional authorities, which also led to quite a few raids and he commenced generating the headlines for a ‘barbaric assault’, but what stood out at that minute was his affair with a 16-calendar year-aged ex-prostitute.


The media started concentrating on his twisted adore marriage with the lady who as soon as set a knife to his throat to scare him and once tried using to kill him by placing a bullet in his head, but missed. McAfee, already regarded for his past encounters with medicines and liquor, now turned notorious for owning many affairs.

A tiny afterwards, Gregory Faull, a sports activities bar owner shifted next to McAfee and detested the tech giant’s life style. The two were being a textbook situation of neighbours not finding alongside, and soon Faull was found dead in his household pool and McAfee decided to flee fairly than co-function in the police investigation.

Gregory Faul

Fearing he would be “silenced”, McAfee turned a runaway but ongoing on a regular basis appearing on the world-wide-web in the form of social media posts and weblogs, to make positive the ‘corrupt’ authorities could not make him disappear if he bought caught. The man, recognised to guard personal computers, disguised himself for yrs to shield himself from obtaining caught and was soon categorized as a “man or woman of desire” in Belize in the scenario of Faull’s demise.

The only regular in his existence, at this level, was his twisted love associations with minors. Even so, that improved too. John fulfilled Janice Dyson in 2012 when she was reportedly employed as a prostitute by the tech giant and got married in 2013. Dyson, on the other hand, in an interview, claimed she was hired to pass on details about McAfee to a ‘criminal underlord’ during the 1st couple several years of their marriage.

Following a short arrest, he rapidly went lower-essential, obsessed with cryptocurrency and that led him to a number of controversies and issues with the govt.

This also birthed an curiosity in politics in him, and he sought the Libertarian Party nomination for the President of the US two times, in 2016 and 2020, but unsuccessful at that far too.


By now, McAfee’s identify turned synonymous with trouble and he turned a target for the US authorities for tax evasion in 2019.

After operating away from the authorities for a bit, he was sooner or later caught in Spain in 2020. Immediately after spending the greater part of the coronavirus lockdown yr in Spain’s Centre Penitenciari Brians 2, the court docket requested his extradition to the US.

Nevertheless, he could not travel to the US. Immediately after ending a connect with with his wife with the words, ‘I love you and I will connect with you in the evening’, McAfee, reportedly, took his personal life in the jail cell.

His spouse, Janice McAfee, blames “the US authorities for this tragedy. Due to the fact of these politically motivated fees in opposition to him, my spouse is now dead.”

MCAfee is lifeless but his tale is much from in excess of. He experienced when said that if he dies in jail like the disgraced American financier Jeffrey Epstein, ‘I failed to do it’. His widow has claimed that McAfee is not a suicidal man or woman, and that US authorities required him ‘dead in prison to make an instance out of him.’

Only time will explain to what genuinely occurred in that prison.