Ooni Karu 16 Review: Wood-Fired Pizza as Uncomplicated as Pie

All-around this time every year, pizza oven insanity descends on me and my partner. It starts off out with a easy, “Oh, so-and-so is coming into town? We must make pizza!” We hearth up the oven and decide on up some mozzarella at the keep. It is so fantastic, so very rapid and easy, that up coming 7 days, I make hen thighs in the pizza oven as an alternative of on the stovetop.

Then a quick pan of wood-fired Brussels sprouts. Then a salty, bloody, beautifully seared flank steak. All of a sudden, it is noon on a workday and I’m keeping a single defrosted salmon fillet from Costco. I’m looking out into the yard and thinking, really should I? Wooden-fired salmon for a person? No. Tranquil down. Get some perform performed.

Cooking with a wooden-fired pizza oven has the similar intense, meditative high quality as toasting marshmallows though you’re tenting. With Ooni’s most current oven, it is as quick as utilizing gas. I can pull a couple of items out of my fridge at 5:30 pm and have evening meal cooked by 6 pm. Each and every 1 of my pals and relatives who has been blessed sufficient to be invited in excess of for meal has also wanted one of these.

Winner Just take All

If you have a layout that definitely performs, why change it? The Ooni Karu 16 echoes the sea turtle visual appearance of the firm’s preceding ovens. Having said that, not like the gleaming stainless steel of the Ooni Pro, the Karu 16 has a temperature-resistant powder-coated end above a carbon- and stainless-metal shell.

The insulation is astounding. I held my hand a couple of inches from the surface when the oven was 700 levels, and only then fearfully touched it with a fingertip. It was high-quality, only a tiny warm—important if you have it in the yard and stress that a stray youngster or beer-consuming close friend could brush up towards it.

The Karu 16 is a multi-gasoline stove. You can invest in Ooni’s fuel burner attachment independently, but by default it’s built to be applied with possibly charcoal or wooden. Unlike some of its other ovens, the Karu 16 also has a front door that closes with a hook, and a digital thermometer that shows the ambient air temperature. It is exceptionally hassle-free and practically as accurate as my handheld digital laser thermometer.

Cooking with wood seems scary, and I’m no specialist pizzaiolo, but I can get the Ooni commenced in significantly less than 10 minutes—way more quickly than I would be in a position to with charcoal. Ooni despatched a box of its firestarters ($20) and a pack of oak sticks ($40). All I have to do is light-weight a firestarter, drop it into the gas tray at the again, toss a pair of oak sticks on major, and shut the door.

In decades past, I’ve also uncovered Stump Chunks ($9) to be an equally rapidly and powerful fireplace starter. My neighborhood hardware retail outlet also sells various varieties of wooden, but if you have place, I recommend trying to keep a little hatchet useful for splitting pieces into more compact ones. In any case, make certain the wooden you’re employing is perfectly-seasoned. In a misguided attempt to conserve some cash, I made use of some wood that experienced expended the winter outdoors on my deck and it was unpleasantly smoky.

Certificate of Acceptance

Not only is the Karu 16 insanely straightforward to use, but it can be also the to start with and only pizza oven to be recommended for domestic use by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the globe authority on Naples-design pizza. In addition to accredited ingredients—tomatoes, crushed by hand, and preferably from Campania—a Naples-type pizza is distinguished from the much more familiar New York–style pizza by its tender, pillowy crust and a softer interior.

Photograph: Ooni