Mouth watering selfmade marmalade: A favored Russian apple handle (RECIPE)

Some apples, sugar and endurance are all you will need to make this all-natural and mouth watering apple marmalade.

Olga Brovkina

What’s up with the Russian lust for apples? 

This 12 months, as normal, Russia is blessed with a bountiful apple harvest. You can’t even envision how a lot of things can be ready with preserved apples – jarred fruits and jams, jellies, compotes (Russian variation of nonalcoholic fruit punch), dried apples below the scorching solar, fruit strips or pastila, Russian marshmallow, zefir, or marmalade.  

In Soviet times, apple marmalade could be found in any section shop. It was offered in simple and tiny cardboard packing containers and, as the bulk of food stuff products at that time, it was all all-natural, balanced, and delicious. Apple marmalade was a favorite amongst young children, and many mouth watering items could be cooked with it as a filling for instance, pirozhki (modest closed pies), open pies, or cakes.  

My mum utilized to prepare dinner crescent rolls with apple marmalade and it was out of this world! Divinely gorgeous, not a drop of marmalade seeped out of those rolls, but so abundant and juicy inside they ended up, with the refined taste of bitter apples and the scent of baked pastry wafting throughout the kitchen area.  

It’s really worth mentioning that planning apple marmalade is not quick, and not all housewives can find the money for to commit many days on this. Likely that is why there’s been a decline in cooking this sweet handle. Having said that, thanks to optimization, gradually but undoubtedly marmalade is regaining attractiveness. 

Can you retailer marmalade for many years? 

Many persons think that apple marmalade can be stored for up to 3 a long time in a refrigerator. I would not be so certain, but I have not checked myself mainly because marmalade in my spouse and children tends to vanish a lot quicker than any other sweet treat.  

My do-it-yourself marmalade is a slash higher than even the ideal bought in a shop, merely mainly because it is designed of purely natural substances and not with preservatives, dyes, and other additives. Yeah, it will take a appreciable quantity of time to cook it, but do not forget – it is a good way to help you save your harvested apples from becoming thrown into the garbage.  


  • Apples – 2.5 kg 
  • Sugar – 1 kg  


1. Clean and then dry the apples take out the interior element with seeds and slice off all “imperfections”, for illustration, any rotten parts.

2. To make pectin from apples, and to make the marmalade more robust and more difficult, place the removed inner parts into a modest saucepan, add a glass of cold water, place on the burner, and cook dinner for 5-10 minutes. 

3. Soon after that, pressure the mass by way of a great colander and increase the thick liquid, which strained into the bowl, to the saucepan with well prepared apples.

4. You most likely presently chopped the geared up apples into compact pieces, so put them in a saucepan. When generating marmalade, I use a 5-liter saucepan with a thick base. 

5. Go over the saucepan with apples, put on reduced heat and cook dinner right until delicate. Increase a very little sugar. Change the gentle cooked apples into a homogeneous puree. It is additional effortless and less difficult with an immersion blender, but if you don’t have just one, knead the apples with a masher or rub by a wire sieve employing a picket spoon to push and scrape the mass sideways. 

6. Increase 1 kg of sugar. By the way, Elena Molokhovets, a famous culinary author of the first 50 % of the 19th century, advised getting 1.5 cups of sugar for just about every 3 cups of puree. Simmer the apple mass combined with sugar on minimal warmth, uncovered, to a marmalade regularity. 

7. Individually, I prepare dinner marmalade on the stove as extended as it’s convenient and cozy, and then pour the thickened apple mass into a deep baking sheet (2.5 kg of apples are plenty of for a common 30×40 cm baking sheet), lined with baking parchment paper, and dry in a somewhat open up oven at a temperature not exceeding 100°C. 

8. Ordinarily the drying process is the longest element. I dry the marmalade in a a bit open up oven for about an hour, then transform it off, and leave the baking sheet with marmalade to great totally then repeat this quite a few periods. At last, go away the marmalade in the oven until the following working day when I examine if the marmalade has the sought after consistency and density, but, if not, I dry it even further in the identical way. 

9. If important, flip in excess of the layer of marmalade and dry on the other aspect. To do this, go over the marmalade with another sheet of baking paper, switch it above promptly, meticulously get rid of the base layer of paper, set a slice of marmalade on a baking sheet, and set it into the oven for one more day.

10. When the marmalade is dry, lower it into layers or modest parts go over with parchment paper, and shop in the fridge, though it’s fairly doable that it can be stored at place temperature.

11. Get pleasure from your sweet summer dessert! 

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