From His Birth Chart, Will His Wife Divorce Him Or Will His Mistress Break Up With Him?

Frankie came to consult me in 2001. His company was setting up a branch in China and he had to be there every few months. Frankie was wondering if he would have any extra marital affairs there. Let’s look at his 8 characters.

Frankie was born on 9th February 1959, Horse hour. His 4 pillars are as follows:

Year Pillar: Earth Pig
Month Pillar: Fire Tiger
Day Pillar: Water Dog (House Of Spouse)
Hour Pillar: Fire Horse (Yin Fire)

Luck Pillar from 2001-2010: Metal Rooster

My reply was very simple, he will have extra marital affairs in 2002 or 2003. Let’s fast forward to end of 2003. Frankie came to me again, this time, he told me that he got involved with a China girl, and he accidentally got her pregnant.

This time round, Frankie wanted to know if he could keep both his mistress and his wife. After looking at his 8 characters again, my answer to him was that he could not do so. One of them would break up with him, and not only that, he would also lose a large amount of money in the process of the breakup.

Now, basing on his 8 characters, would his wife divorce him or his mistress break up with him? Let’s analyze…

First of all, from his 8 characters itself, we can see that he would have a lot of extra marital affairs. His wife/lover element is Fire. By looking at his 4 pillars, you can see 2 Fires. Next, there are too many other elements in affinity with his House of Spouse.

The House of Spouse is the Earthly Branch of the day pillar, which in this case is Dog. Dog is in affinity with both Horse (Hour) and Tiger (Month). From these 2 factors, we can determine whether a person will stay committed to a marriage or have extra marital affairs.

Now, back to our main question. So would his wife divorce him or would his mistress break up with him? Let’s look at his luck pillar. His luck pillar consists of two Metals. Besides the pillar being Metal, Rooster also represents Metal. His wife/lover element is Fire. With the strong Metal from the Luck Pillar, the Yang Fire (representing his mistress) in his 8 characters becomes weakened.

The Yin Fire (representing his wife) is in affinity with both Dog and Tiger, which forms a strong dose of Fire. This strong Fire is unaffected by the strong Metal from the Luck Pillar. Not only that, there are no clashes with the House of Spouse. From here, we can deduce that his mistress would break up with him.

So what was the real outcome of this?

Frankie decided to ask his mistress to go for an abortion. In return, his mistress asked for 2 million dollars, so that she could return to her hometown. You are probably wondering, after this incident, will Frankie still have another mistress?

The answer is Yes. From his 8 characters, we can see that he is born with it. So in conclusion, make sure you marry someone who is not born to have extra marital affairs.