Choosing a crib for your newborn

By Promise Twinamukye

A newborn crib is a mattress specifically built for infants and really young kids. Usually, it resembles a bed intended for older children and older people, with the addition of a slatted railing on all four sides intended to continue to keep a child in spot.

Margaret, an expectant mother of a person, thought it very best to purchase a crib for her little one to keep away from the ‘minor’ incidents that may perhaps arrive with sleeping with the newborn in the similar mattress.

Fearing some of the mishaps that could crop up in the conditions, Margaret did not want to consider the hazard.

Margaret also describes that the bedding in a mother’s mattress could be as well bulky for a newborn child, who is nonetheless delicate. Possessing a individual place for the new child offers convenience for equally the mom and little one.

When to select

A little one crib should be acquired when a mom is however pregnant to give enough time for the crib shipping and delivery. It really should also  arrive right after the gender of the kid has been uncovered to the moms and dads for straightforward decorating and design.


What to decide on

A person will need to discover their specific requirements so that the crib purchased will satisfy the demands of both the mom and the baby.

Considering the fact that a crib is enclosed and normally properly ventilated for the reason that of the slated rails, the mom will not preserve worrying about the little one slipping off the bed, or having to an unpleasant warmth.


Mainly, a crib need to be able to dwelling your baby from 1 working day to at minimum a few years. Babies tend to outgrow the cribs, needing a provision of a more substantial bed after that.

Margaret’s baby grew so fast that just before lengthy, she identified herself needing to invest in a even larger crib for her child to match in and relax easily.

She went out and acquired a even larger crib, which is now the new household for her child.

Dependent on how extensive you will want your baby to keep in the crib, the size issues. The bigger the crib, the extended the baby’s keep there.

There are also cribs that are developed so that just one facet can be taken out when the infant is massive plenty of, so they can use it more time.


The buy need to also count on the ending you would like your crib to have. Do you want an upholstered crib with a board? What material are you looking at for the upholstery? What color would you prefer? What peak do you want for your crib?

In accordance to Kajubi, answering these concerns will support you to purchase the ideal crib for your infant.

Price tag

Alongside Ggaba highway, a second-hand wood crib charges close to Shs500, 000.

All-around downtown, cribs selection from Shs150, 000 -650, 000, depending on the sizing, finishing and content applied.

Upscale price tag ranges from Shs700, 000 to Shs3.5m dependent on the finishing and dimension.

From online retailers, cribs vary from Shs280, 000 to Shs1.5m minus shipping and delivery prices.

Depending on the room you have, Kajubi says you could also order for a storage crib that offers drawers the place you can store all your baby’s stuff, along with serving  its main function. This helps in conserving house.

In addition to improving peace of intellect and greater relaxation for the mum, a mother and baby, sleeping in different spaces eases family administration and infant treatment.

 One does not have to thoroughly clean bulky bedding quite a few occasions a working day, since the baby’s bedding tends to be scaled-down than grownup bed linen, so doing away with the want for unlimited washing of  more substantial bedding every single time it receives dirty.


Do you want a static crib? Or a crib that you will be able to move about the property?

Answering this problem initially will assistance you opt for a crib that you will not regret obtaining just after a handful of months.

In accordance to Iryn Kajubi, an inside designer, there are conventional cribs which only stay in the bedroom and there are roller cribs, which are supplied with tiny wheels to assistance you transfer it from 1 place to the other without the need of lifting it.