Baby monitor catches ‘evil twin’ throwing bottle at sibling’s head during the night

Baby monitor footage caught an 18-month-old boy getting up in the middle of the night to throw his milk bottle at his twin sister before going back to sleep

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Baby monitor captures moment twin throws bottle at sibling’s head

Twins are known to joke about which of them is the “evil” one – but for one set of 18-month-old twins, that may no longer be up for debate.

Footage from a baby monitor has shown young Jack Boehme waking up in the middle of the night before waddling across his crib and grabbing his milk bottle, only to chuck it at the head of his twin sister Ivy as she sleeps in the cot next to his.

To make the evil deed even more amusing, Jack then swiftly lies down and falls back to sleep before Ivy even knows what’s going on – making it seem as though he had nothing to do with disturbing her slumber.

Mum Cami Boehme spotted the incident as it unfolded as she was watching the baby monitor at the time, but has “no idea” why her son would throw his bottle at his sister.

Cami, 42, from Connecticut, US, said: “The thing is, they’re actually really sweet to each other and they have a special bond.

The twins were “really sweet to each other” before the late night attack


Kennedy News and Media)

Mum-of-five Cami watched the event unfold on her baby monitor


Kennedy News and Media)

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“A lot of the time, they’ll just wake up and sit and play in their cribs.

“I honestly have no idea what Jack was thinking. I think he might have been trying to wake her up and the bottle just hit her head.

“We watch the monitor pretty closely. I was checking it because I could hear noises from their room.

“The funny thing is it looks like such a hard throw. You just imagine the aftermath will be terrible.

“But Ivy just sat up a little bit and whined a little bit. She didn’t really cry, she just looked dazed and confused thinking ‘What happened?’

Cami believes Jack just wanted to wake Ivy up so they could play


Kennedy News and Media)

The mum’s TikTok video has already racked up over 30 million views


Kennedy News and Media)

“She didn’t seem too phased. It was the funniest thing.”

Cami posted the video to TikTok where it became a viral hit and gained 30 million views.

And the mum-of-five has loved reading the “creative” comments people have left with potential explanations for Jack’s actions.

She added: “The response online has been hilarious. I had a lot of people questioning why Jack threw the bottle, and other people saying something like ‘Well, now you know who the evil twin is’.

“Lots of people were saying it was revenge, sort of like ‘That’s what you get for taking my Cheerios’, or ‘You played too long with my toy’.

“People were being pretty creative coming up with explanations for what happened.

“I think the most likely explanation is that he just wanted to wake her up to play.”

The video received thousands of comments, and other mums of twins were quick to say they related to Cami’s situation.

One wrote: “Every twin mum knows this was not an accident!”