A heat pie and a perception of belonging

Fraser Lang, of Providence, is retired from a vocation in publishing, including a 10 years as publisher of The Block Island Periods and two decades as proprietor of Manisses Communications Group.

“…. I learned a elementary lesson: that we can’t and have to not reduce our feeling of background and our memory, for they represent our identification. We are not able to be prisoners of the current and wander out of record. For a culture without having a deep historic memory, the long term ceases to exist and the existing results in being a meaningless cacophony.”

— Vartan Gregorian, Brown University president 1989-1997

Gregorian, an Armenian from Tabriz, Iran, emigrated to the United States and gained a doctorate from Stanford. He  became an internationally identified scholar, academic leader, and philanthropic figure. 

The estimate higher than was in an obituary of Gregorian, who died on April 15. It resonated with me.